7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Wooden Watches!

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In the age of smart wearables and smartphones, watches might have taken a backseat in terms of being a must have accessory for both men and women.

However, watches start to look the same after some time. It becomes hard to stand out from the crowd when it comes to latest high-end wrist wear.

On the other hand, wooden watches come as classic, unique, and fashionable. Furthermore, they add a naturalistic twist to the equation with classic and distinctive touch.

While people choose to spend thousands of dollars on common watch designs that no longer stand out, you can choose to invest just a little sum of money on a unique wooden watch. You will earn the fashion respect you deserve in any occasion.

There are numerous reasons to own a wooden watch. Unfortunately, we can’t have them all listed in a single blog post. Here are the top 7 best reasons to investing in a unique timepiece that you will cherish.


 1) Uniqueness

Let’s face it. Nature is unique. No two cuts of the same species of a tree can be exactly the same. In fact, that’s quite impossible. Wooden watches, as a result, are extremely unique. It’s impossible to have two timepieces appearing identical even when they are cut from the exact same tree.

Despite most of them being handcrafted, wooden watches are significantly cheaper than most watches out there. Don’t rack up your credit card to look more stylish!

When you buy a wooden watch, you are getting something that someone took hours curving and shaping into a masterpiece just for you.


2) Rare

When you adorn your wrist with a wooden watch, it becomes almost instantly an object of admiration, attention, and sometimes disbelief.

Wooden watches are rare. This provides you an opportunity to wear something uncommon and unique. Furthermore, such watches add a touch of sophistications to your wardrobe that are impossible to duplicate!


3)  Bleeding-edge Fashionable

 Distinguish yourself with the accessory that never fails to attract comments and compliments.

Start getting used to hearing: “Cool watch! looks like wood…Oh wait, it really is wood!!” 

Whether you enjoy a more formal look or a casual & natural look, a wooden watch with right finish and wood color tone can perfect any outfit.

 Standing out from the crowd is something that many people crave yet fail to achieve. Wearing a wooden watch will surely help you accomplish that. You will not be disappointed.


4)  Environmentally Friendly

Wood is a sustainable resource and grows naturally. The production of wooden watches creates a significantly lower carbon footprint. Furthermore, wood is an organic material and is biodegradable. Therefore, wooden watches are renewable materials.

 Moreover, wood has a natural tendency to store excess carbon dioxide from the air. By wearing a wooden watch, one will be helping the environment and removing harmful greenhouse gases affecting our environment and ecosystem.

 In the past few years, there has been an increased focus on the environment. You can be one of the first pioneers to use and advocate for environmentally friendly products that protect and preserve our beautiful planet.


5)  Nickel Free (Hypoallergenic)

Some people have an allergic reaction to Nickel. Such allergies can cause severe irritation or rashes to the skin. Most computerized and mechanical analog watches utilize Nickel and other metals that cause hypersensitivities.

 With wooden watches, you have nothing to worry about. If you know someone who suffers from such metal allergies, let them know they can purchase wooden watches that are grand enough for most formal occasions.

 Even better, if you know someone who suffers from such harsh allergies from nickel, you can buy them a wooden watch as a gift. What a joy it will be for them to enjoy wearing luxurious looking wooden watches that are fitting for occasions.


6)  Zero Toxicity / Chemical Free

 Some people are allergic to metals used in standard watches. In many cases, such watches cause rashes that are painful and itchy. Most wooden watches don’t have such chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction.


7)  Insensitivity to Heat

With metal watches, heat is retained and you may get uncomfortable in the summer. However, wooden watches don’t retain heat. Furthermore, they are more comfortable to wear and are much lighter on your wrist.



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