Top Reasons You Should Be Wearing Wooden Sunglasses

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When you are in the market for new outfits, you most likely go to the nearest mall and pick something that makes you stand out. You will go for something fashionable. However, when it comes to sunglasses, many simply look for the cheapest plastic sunglasses they could find at a gift shop, the supermarket, or even the gas station. Think about it; the first thing people notice about you is your face! Wouldn’t it be awesome if they get to see something sophisticated, fashionable and unique!

Wooden sunglasses are the fashionable accessories you need to obtain the stunning look. Moreover, you will get to astonish your friends and family with the new style of all-wooden sunglasses. Wooden accessories like watches and sunglasses are becoming a thing today. Beyoncé and other celebrities have joined the trend as well! Why don’t you?


Today more then ever, we hear about environment friendly products. Wooden sunglasses are in this category of eco-friendly and sustainable fashion accessories. We all know the horrors of plastics and how much harm plastic is doing to the ocean. Plastics are contaminating our environment badly and are not biodegradable. Wooden sunglasses, however, are made of reusable resources and are sustainable. When you purchase wooden sunglasses as opposed to plastic ones, you are contributing positively to the environment. At All Stuff Wood, we provide good selection of high-quality wooden sunglasses for you to enjoy.

 Wood is beautiful and versatile. It looks great on men and women! The natural wood tones, regardless of wood type, complement pretty much every outfit. Furthermore, wooden sunglasses come in many pretty styles and colors. They allow your personality to shine! If you can’t find the wooden style you like, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you find the eco-friendly sunglasses that match your style! Don’t hesitate to connect with us here at or at the Contact Us page.

Living in a big city like New York, London, Boston, …etc may leave you disconnected from mother nature. Wooden sunglasses are handmade pieces of nature and help you feel a bit more connected to our beautiful nature. At All Stuff Wood, we deeply care about nature and our environment. For every few wooden sunglasses and watches sold, we use some funds to contribute to planting new trees and give back to nature.

Wooden sunglasses are very comfortable. They are very lightweight and don’t leave marks on your nose. You don’t have to worry about wearing them all day in your car or at the beach! For folks who are allergic to synthetic materials, wooden sunglasses are great news to them since they don’t have any of these allergens.

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No two pieces of wood are exactly the same! These sunglasses are handcrafted so you can be assured that no other person has the exact same sunglasses as yours. Your shades will be completely unique and only yours. This is true since each wood piece is different than any other in texture and  grain. Enjoy having sunglasses that are representative of your unique personality!

Wooden accessories are gaining in popularity. Therefore, there is plenty of wood types to choose from: oak, bamboo, zebra wood, walnut, maple, and more!  You can start your search today here. If you can’t find your style, contact us! We’ll make sure to get you the stylish wooden sunglasses you desire! 

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